Action Steps Following the March for Our Lives Demonstrations: A Toolkit

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The Melissa Institute for Violence Prevention and Treatment is dedicated to the prevention of violence through education, community service, consultation and research. Our mission is to prevent violence and promote safer communities through education and application of research-based knowledge. Knowing the movement for safe schools will not end with the March for Our Lives, we have developed a Toolkit of possible next steps.

TOOL 1 begins with an open letter to the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and their supporters. It is a reminder that most social change arises from the bottom and highlights the critical role of individual and group efforts.

TOOL 2 is a discussion checklist that helps individuals search for common areas of agreement on reducing gun violence.

TOOL 3 provides research-based guidelines on ways to engage in dialogue and attitude change discussions.

TOOL 4 provides a procedure by which lessons can be learned in the aftermath of a violent episode to reduce the likelihood of further such incidents.

TOOLS 5 and 6 focus on what people can do to make schools safer, more nurturing and academically more effective. TOOL 5 highlights the critical role of principals, while TOOL 6 focuses on specific ways to reduce day-to-day threats to school safety and specific methods to create a more peaceful and safe school environment. Several websites for related resources are included.