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Amoura is a unique fashion and home accessories mission-driven brand. After a life changing trip to Egypt by the founder, the call to create an accessories line was sparked. Inspired by the women she met and determined to combine her passion for helping others and creating something unique, Julie Acosta founded Amoura. In ancient Egyptian the word amoura means sensuous, beautiful, exotic and mysterious. Today, Amoura employs skilled artisan women in Egypt who use high-quality materials to create an accessory line showcasing stones indigenous to Egypt (agate, lapis, and turquoise), along with scarves that are made with 100 percent Egyptian cotton. Variations of color exist with natural stones.

The three special bracelets created exclusively for The Melissa Institute contain tiger’s eye, agates and crystals. The meanings attributed to these stones are as follows:

Tiger’s Eye & Crystal Bracelet

Tiger’s eye manifests focus, determined actions and alertness. It is a grounding stone, stimulating wealth and abundance while enhancing stability to maintain what you have. It is a protection stone that encourages optimism and enthusiasm for life.

Tiger’s Eye – small bead $35
Available in Silver and Gold

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Turquoise Agate Bracelet

Agates are one of the oldest stones in history and considered a prized gem in ancient times.  Agates attract strength and harmony, balance our emotions and are a protection stone.  The turquoise agate is the stone of communication; helping those needing to be heard or helping to articulate truths and clear understanding.

Turquoise Agate – small bead $35

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Grey Agate Bracelet

A grounding stone that facilitates acceptance of one’s self, aids in improving concentration and perception. It overcomes negativity and fosters love and courage to start again.  Grey agates harmonize our yin and yang, the positive and energy forces to create a sense of safety and security within ourselves.

Grey Agate – medium bead $40

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Purchase three bracelets or more and receive five dollars off! Bracelets available in two sizes: 6” and 7”. All proceeds benefit The Melissa Institute for Violence Prevention and Treatment.