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from Dr. Kim Storey

Cyberbullying: You Have the Power to Stop It PDF
Thinking About Bullying PDF

Dr. Kim Storey is a developmental psychologist and educator who focuses on the healthy development of children and families. She has developed, designed, and produced many highly acclaimed educational resources for children, parents, and educators. These resources include television programs, videos, websites, toolkits, guidebooks, and educational programs. As a bullying prevention educator, Dr. Storey has created Eyes on Bullying, Eyes on Bullying in Early Childhood, Eyes on Bullying: What You Can Do to Prevent and Stop Bullying at Camp and Bullying Prevention: A Guide for Grandparents. Most recently, she has helped to develop BOSTON vs BULLIES, The Sports Museum's anti-bullying initiative. This project includes public service announcements, an educational video, facilitator's guides, a website, student programs, teacher training, and community outreach. Dr. Storey has also led a partnership between Education Development Center and Boston Public Schools to help prevent bullying in schools. She frequently serves as a featured speaker and conducts workshops throughout the country and internationally. For more information, visit Dr. Storey's website:

A Framework for Understanding
and Teaching Literacy

The site was developed by Dr. Dale Willows of the University of Toronto, a member of both the National Reading panel and the Scientific Board of the Institute.

We wish to thank everyone who supported the development of this important website. We know with scientific certainty that violence and illiteracy are linked together. We urge you to support our efforts to teach every child to read on grade level by the end of third grade and to help remediate those who missed that important milestone.


The Melissa Institute nurtures the work of young scientists by awarding annual scholarships to support doctoral students' dissertation research in the field of violence prevention. The 2014 winner has been announced!

See the Winner!      More Information

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Listen to Lynn Aptman's interview on WLRN regarding survey related to attitudes and opinions held by members of the South Florida community, toward guns and proposed gun legislation.

Read our 2015 Report to the Community - Synergy - to learn more about our activities. Click image to download.

The Art of Presence

Read "The Art of Presence"        

Personally Speaking

The Melissa Institute was founded after the murder of Melissa Aptman to honor her memory and share the science of violence prevention.

Below are some personal writings from Dr. Michael Aptman and Lynn Aptman, Melissa's parents and the founders of The Melissa Institute:

Violence is Preventable - presented at Peace and Harmony 2009 by Dr. Michael Aptman. PDF

One In A Million? - an article by Dr. Michael Aptman published in Neurology, a medical journal. It expresses his professional and personal experiences as a result of Melissa's murder. PDF

Silence the Violence - lyrics of a song composed by Lynn Aptman, which she performed at the Peace & Harmony concert, Music for a Better World. PDF

Uncertainty - a poem written by Melissa Aptman shortly before her death. PDF

This I Believe - NRP article by Jessica Aptman. PDF

You will also find on this site scientific papers and educational presentations from our Scientific Board, Workshops and Conferences dealing with specific areas of violence prevention and treatment.

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Book Announcing...

Roadmap to Resilience:
A Guide for Military, Trauma Victims
and Their Families

"Don Meichenbaum's Roadmap to Resilience should be on the desk of every clinician, in the back pack of every soldier, and in the hands of every leader."

--Bret Moore, PsyD, Asst. Professor of Clinical Psychiatry, University of Texas, Health Science Center

Order below or visit our website:

Click here for the Table of Contents
Click here for the Introduction
Click here to learn How to Use This Book
Click here to see the Resilience Checklist

Teach Safe Schools

We invite you to visit our site for educators to access relevant, research based information on the prevention of school violence.

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